Top Reasons to Choose Luxury Over Uber

5 Reasons Why a Luxury Car Service is Better Than Catching a Cab – or Uber

Although requesting an Uber may be easier for last-minute transportation needs that doesn’t mean it is your only option. Luxury car services can have same-day availability and if you know you will be going out next week, call ahead to get a ride.

Benefits Of Choosing Limo Services Over Uber

Create an Impression

It is very important nowadays to have a better image and a luxury car service can help you maintain that. For instance, if you are heading to an important business meeting to make a career-altering deal, an Uber would not make much of an impression on your potential clients. Just think of how they would see you if a hired chauffeur opened the door of a luxury sedan to let you out.

Professional Services

You never know what kind of driver will show up. Even if they have a clean driving record, they may not be entirely professional. Every driver hired by Affari has over 5 years of experience in the industry and has a completely clean background and driving record. Our car service is accident-free, and our drivers are personable and professional, always striving to give 100% customer satisfaction.


They aren’t called luxury vehicles for nothing! A car service is designed to transport you in complete comfort. Plus, you pick the vehicle! In an Uber, you get whatever the driver shows up in.

Upfront Rates

Sometimes you may find that at the end of your Uber ride you are being charged more than expected. In fact, recent news is reporting that many customers are being hit with extra charges and false fees.

Drivers You Can Trust As we just mentioned false claims of rider misconduct have led to individuals having to pay for damage or messes they never created—and having an even harder time proving they didn’t actually do it. You’ll never have that kind of mistreatment from Affari. Driving is what we do, but customer service is what we provide.