The Ultimate Guide To Hire A Passenger Van For Your Family Trip

Traveling to any destination with family for vacation should be an enjoyable and fun option – not just to keep the younger ones entertained and the drivers sane but to also add to the experience of the trip and build lasting memories.

If you are traveling with a large group or if you are looking to upgrade your tour enjoyment and transportation to the airport or cruise port, then choose a passenger van from Affari Transportation for your family or group trip.

Here are 5 instant benefits of traveling in a classic yet upscale passenger van.

Easy Travel: These vans are a very comfortable and easy means of travel – and you don’t even have to worry about driving, each comes with your own personal chauffeur. With this style bus, there is plenty of storage options are available to store your luggage, gifts, and souvenirs while still leaving plenty of room for your group.

Safety: All Affari Transportation drivers are well-trained and experienced to handle all kinds of weather conditions and they will help you to reach your destination safely. The experienced drivers are knowledgeable about common travel routes and take the time to ensure they are up to date on the fastest and safest routes.

Eco-friendly: A family trip split across several cars can take a toll on the environment between the exhaust fumes and gas intake, but if you travel with an Affari Transportation Passenger Van, it will be a luxurious and eco-friendly traveling option.

Socialize: Grouping together on a passenger van allows all members of your family or group to get a chance to partake in the conversations or travel games. Having a personal chauffeur means no one is left out and with everyone in a single vehicle that means more people to socialize or play with! During your trip, you can enjoy games, listen to music, and have lots of fun with your loved ones.

Keep kids happy: If you are traveling with kids then taking your journey on one of our luxurious passenger vans will be the definition of comfortable – especially compared to a cramped single-family vehicle. No more “his legs touch my seat!” or “she keeps trying to use me like a pillow!”. Our vans provide more personal and legroom, so kids can enjoy more space and less fighting! Plus, with your entire family traveling together that means more people, or other kids, to play with!

The above-mentioned are just some of the many benefits of hiring a passenger van for a family road trip. And don’t be tricked by its simple name! Our passenger vans aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill vans or mini vans; they are high-end luxury vehicles designed to allow our clients to travel in comfort! Review our Passenger Vans or contact us to schedule your trip!