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Best Type Of Limo For A Wedding In Tampa

Limousines are not like any other passenger transport vehicle in Tampa. They are luxurious and comfortable cars that have a way of turning heads. They also make people riding in them look and feel special, especially on a big day like your wedding.

But there are many limos, and not all can suit your needs. The unanswered question is, which is the best type of limo for a wedding in Tampa? Keep reading to find out.

White Classic, Stretch Limousine

There is some level of unparalleled comfort and luxury that comes with riding in a classic stretch limo. It is undoubtedly the ultimate selection for an extraordinary event like your wedding day. It leads to an air of elegance and a celebratory quality.

The best part is that it can generously accommodate ten people without compromising the spaciousness. Your guest can have the side seats as you and your loved one enjoy the rear ones. Plus, it has privacy, unlike regular cars. A window separates you and the chauffeur, giving you the much-needed space to talk without someone eavesdropping.

Like the opulence vehicle it is, it offers expected amenities such as a top-notch sound system and climate control. It also has large LCD screens as a standard feature and optional dramatic lighting to help set the mood for your honeymoon vacation.

SUV Limousine

SUV limousines share some similarities with the classic stretch limo. It exudes a distinct ambiance of refinement and sophistication but with a contemporary sense of enjoyment. If you want your wedding somewhere memorable and away from your Tamper home, an SUV limo will be an excellent option.

An SUV limousine from a top chauffeur service provider like Affari Transportation is luxurious and roomy. You will have enough spacious room for everyone and luggage. Like its stretch counterpart, this one also offers standard entertainment features. You can enjoy champagne while watching or listening to your wedding theme songs.

Let Us Make Your Big Day Special

Your wedding is a special day as you transition into the world of family. It can be even more special if you have something that creates lasting memories. A limousine will highlight this day with elegance, style, and a show of opulence.

At Affari Transportation, we provide limousine hire services to imbue your wedding journey with a touch of sophistication. Our top-of-the-line cars give you a unique experience and create a memorable occasion. If you’re getting ready for your wedding, contact us today via phone (813) 448-4703 or email and request a free quote.

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