5 Reasons Why a Luxury Car Service is Better Than Catching a Cab – or Uber

Although requesting an Uber may be easier for last-minute transportation needs that doesn’t mean it is your only option. Luxury car services can have same-day availability and if you know you will be going out next week, call ahead to get a ride.

Benefits Of Choosing Limo Services Over Uber

Create an Impression

It is very important nowadays to have a better image and a luxury car service can help you maintain that. For instance, if you are heading to an important business meeting to make a career-altering deal, an Uber would not make much of an impression on your potential clients. Just think of how they would see you if a hired chauffeur opened the door of a luxury sedan to let you out.

Professional Services

You never know what kind of driver will show up. Even if they have a clean driving record, they may not be entirely professional. Every driver hired by Affari has over 5 years of experience in the industry and has a completely clean background and driving record. Our car service is accident-free, and our drivers are personable and professional, always striving to give 100% customer satisfaction.


They aren’t called luxury vehicles for nothing! A car service is designed to transport you in complete comfort. Plus, you pick the vehicle! In an Uber, you get whatever the driver shows up in.

Upfront Rates

Sometimes you may find that at the end of your Uber ride you are being charged more than expected. In fact, recent news is reporting that many customers are being hit with extra charges and false fees.

Drivers You Can Trust As we just mentioned false claims of rider misconduct have led to individuals having to pay for damage or messes they never created—and having an even harder time proving they didn’t actually do it. You’ll never have that kind of mistreatment from Affari. Driving is what we do, but customer service is what we provide.

Getting The Best Limo Service: Don’t Forget These Tips When Choosing Your Limo Service

A wedding is one of the most special and auspicious occasions in anyone’s life and on this special day, every couple has a dream to travel by limo from their wedding destination. Our limo service not only brings an elegant touch to your event but also helps to make your event perfect.

You need to choose the right organization first and then choose your favorite limo vehicle for your wedding. These limo vehicles are one of the best ways to arrive and depart from your wedding venue in a stylish way. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the essential tips, which will help you in choosing the right limo service for your wedding.

  • Research The Reputation Of An Organization: Before hiring a limo service from just any company, you should first research the reputation of that company. You can guarantee that a company with great reviews and happy clients will provide you with the same results.
  • Ask The Organization About Vehicle Options: There is more than one type of limo in the industry and your style and wedding theme may call for something specific. Schedule an appointment to see our fleet and speak with one of our customer service representatives to discuss all your options to make sure the vehicle you choose will fit your requirements and preference.
  • Discuss The Price: Once you have a vehicle in mind, it’s time to discuss the price. We guarantee the best prices in the industry and work hard to ensure you get what you what all within your budget.
  • Confirm The Limo Service For Wedding Purposes: Not all limo companies are alike. Check to ensure that they will provide special services just for your wedding day—like allowing “just married” décor on the back window, approved driver attire, and transporting you where and when you’ll need them to (like to the airport or hotel)—you don’t want to hire a company and later learn that your airport of choice is “out of range”. At Affair, we travel near and far for our clients—just ask and we’ll do our best to take you there.
  • Additional Guest Services: Look for a company that can go above and beyond for you. Affari is here to help take care of you and yours on your special day. You can hire additional vehicles to help get your guests around town, to the venue, or to and from the airport.

Traveling to any destination with family for vacation should be an enjoyable and fun option – not just to keep the younger ones entertained and the drivers sane but to also add to the experience of the trip and build lasting memories.

If you are traveling with a large group or if you are looking to upgrade your tour enjoyment and transportation to the airport or cruise port, then choose a passenger van from Affari Transportation for your family or group trip.

Here are 5 instant benefits of traveling in a classic yet upscale passenger van.

Easy Travel: These vans are a very comfortable and easy means of travel – and you don’t even have to worry about driving, each comes with your own personal chauffeur. With this style bus, there is plenty of storage options are available to store your luggage, gifts, and souvenirs while still leaving plenty of room for your group.

Safety: All Affari Transportation drivers are well-trained and experienced to handle all kinds of weather conditions and they will help you to reach your destination safely. The experienced drivers are knowledgeable about common travel routes and take the time to ensure they are up to date on the fastest and safest routes.

Eco-friendly: A family trip split across several cars can take a toll on the environment between the exhaust fumes and gas intake, but if you travel with an Affari Transportation Passenger Van, it will be a luxurious and eco-friendly traveling option.

Socialize: Grouping together on a passenger van allows all members of your family or group to get a chance to partake in the conversations or travel games. Having a personal chauffeur means no one is left out and with everyone in a single vehicle that means more people to socialize or play with! During your trip, you can enjoy games, listen to music, and have lots of fun with your loved ones.

Keep kids happy: If you are traveling with kids then taking your journey on one of our luxurious passenger vans will be the definition of comfortable – especially compared to a cramped single-family vehicle. No more “his legs touch my seat!” or “she keeps trying to use me like a pillow!”. Our vans provide more personal and legroom, so kids can enjoy more space and less fighting! Plus, with your entire family traveling together that means more people, or other kids, to play with!

The above-mentioned are just some of the many benefits of hiring a passenger van for a family road trip. And don’t be tricked by its simple name! Our passenger vans aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill vans or mini vans; they are high-end luxury vehicles designed to allow our clients to travel in comfort! Review our Passenger Vans or contact us to schedule your trip!

When you think of limousines you may only imagine the super-rich and famous riding around Hollywood. But you might also think where did the limousine begin? You may be surprised to find out that some form of chauffeured transportation has existed since the 1700s. We have put together a timeline of the transformation of the limo from the horse-drawn carriage to the stretch limousine you know today.

The First Limo

The very first form of a limo was a chauffeured carriage that was decorated in gold and drawn by the best of horses available. At the earliest time of horse-drawn carriage rides in the 1700s, the body of the carriage was open subjecting both the driver and the passengers to the weather. The custom began in the small-town Limoges in the Limousin region of France with both the driver and the passengers using oversized hooded garments to cover and protect themselves from the weather. Because of the extravagant cost of owning your own personal chauffeur, horses, and carriage at the time, the use of a limousine was associated with wealth and privilege from the very beginning.

The First Automobile Limousine

When the first engine-powered automobile was invented in 1886, it didn’t take long for people to figure out a way to incorporate it into a limousine. The first modern automobile limousine was created shortly after in 1902, creating an outside compartment for the driver to sit in giving the passengers more privacy. Because the drivers were still seated outside the enclosed compartment of the vehicle they were still subjected to the elements of the weather, so they continued to wear hooded cloaks to protect themselves. The word “limousine” was officially defined by the Society of Automobile Engineers in 1916 as an enclosed vehicle able to sit three to five people inside with the driver’s seat outside of the enclosed compartment.

Stretching The Limousine

Once the automobile limousine was created there wasn’t much that set it apart from other automobile vehicles of the time other than the outside compartment for the driver separating them from the passengers. That changed in 1928 when the company Armbruster in Arkansas decided to stretch a vehicle to make travel for big bands and all their equipment easier. And thus, the stretch limousine was born, although at this time they were commonly referred to as “big band buses”. The “King of Swing”, Benny Goodman, was the first to use one of these big band buses to arrive at one of his concerts, and soon the frenzy caught on. From there on, the stretch limousine was used to transport famous big bands like Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller and their entourages.

The Use Of The Limousines Expands

Beginning around the 1930s, stretch limousines started to be used both to mark the debut of a Hollywood superstar and to provide airport shuttle transportation between the airport and hotel and on sightseeing tours. In Hollywood showing up to an event in a stretch limo with a chauffeured driver officially set the mark that you had “made it.” This is where the business of offering limousine services to rent is born when James P. Carey renovates a New York City cab company into a wildly successful luxury limousine rental service.

The Super Stretch Limousine

Between the 1960s and 1970s coachbuilders continue to stretch the limousine further and further with President John F. Kennedy’s 1961 Lincoln Continental being stretched out 33 inches. But leave it to Cadillac to find a way to make the biggest thing in transportation bigger and better still. In 1974 Armbruster-Stageway Coachbuilders partnered with Cadillac to build the first six-door modern super stretch limousine on Cadillac chassis. These super stretch limousines became the new standard for transportation for funeral cars, security transportation, presidents, corporate leaders, and movie stars.

Added Luxury To The Limo

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s limousines continued to get larger and continued to offer more through added luxury amenities that have now become the standard such as audio, video, special lighting, and phones. Today limousines can be completely customized with the owner’s mind being one of the few limitations to what can be done. Technology now allows for any vehicle chassis to be stretched and used to build a limousine and added amenities can include reclining seats, dance poles, televisions, light-up floors, hot tubs, and so much more. As technology continues to grow and expand no doubt the amenities and luxury available with limousines will continue to grow as well.

Limousines Today

Today limousines are still used by the rich and famous as a symbol of wealth and status, but they have also become more affordable making it possible for more people to rent the services of a limousine for special events such as weddings, proms, graduations, business, sightseeing tours, birthday parties, and more.

Tampa Limo Rental Company

If you are looking for a professional and reliable limousine company, you can count on for your next special event contact Affari Transportation today! We will help you determine your unique transportation plan and make sure all your needs are met. Our experienced and professional drivers go through extensive background checks and have a perfect record with no complaints. We look forward to providing you with your transportation needs for your next special event!

A bachelorette party is all about celebrating your last day with your closest friends as a single lady. So, why not make this event more special, rather than just planning a normal day relaxing somewhere? For brides, who are looking for a great bachelorette that will provide you and all attendees to worry about having fun and not a ride home, here is one great way to treat yourself and your friends involved in your bash, and that is, to rent a limousine, party bus, or a luxury vehicle. This should be an occasion for rejoicing! Discover some new ways to unwind and celebrate this occasion with your wedding party!

Safe Transportation

Hiring a luxury vehicle for your ultimate bachelorette party offers you the safest way to transport a group of people, no matter how long you need to travel. These services provide a professional driver so that you need not worry about appointing or drawing straws for who will be the designated driver.

Easy Entrance to Nightclubs

Affari goes above and beyond for our clients to ensure the ultimate night out. We set our clients up with VIP entrances to nightclubs. This lets you save your party time for enjoying more instead of waiting for hours together in line for entry. Of course, on top of that, you’ll get front door drop-off, where all eyes will be on you and your party.

Party Every Moment

In addition to safe transportation and easy entrance into desirable nightclubs and bars, our limo and party bus services allow the bride and friends to enjoy and party every moment throughout the journey of your event. You can sit together enjoying snacks, and champagne, and playing different fun games.

Easy Pickup and Drop

Car rental services allow their clients to set their own schedule of pick up and drop. You can have your limousine or party bus driver pick you up from any destination you opt for and can drop you at a specific location at a designated time.

Tampa Bachelorette Party Limo Rental Company

So, keep all these above things in mind if you are planning a bachelorette party. This could be a great way to make the event memorable for everyone as well as for the bride. Contact Affari Transportation to discuss your bachelorette party transportation needs and ensure it is a night to remember.

Some of the special celebrations in your life will become more memorable with a limo rental due to its exquisite comfort and style aspects. With a plush interior, sleek exterior, and well-trained and professional chauffeur, who will safely drop you towards your desired destination. The concept of the limo can be applied to several celebrations but there are certain occasions in your life must require a luxurious touch. In this article, we are going to discuss major and unforgettable events of your life that require a luxurious limo ride.

Wedding: It is truly a special day for a couple to start their newly married life by following the declared wedding vows. After the wedding rituals, the newlywed definitely wants to go for a luxurious ride privately or with their loved ones. A luxury ride in the limo will not only make your wedding day more special but also creates a remarkable memory throughout your entire life.

Concerts: If you are planning to go to a concert by limo ride then it will help in maintaining your excitement throughout the entire journey. After getting a ticket to your favorite star’s show, there is no better way to enjoy the outing with your friends to see your favorite star than to ride in a luxurious limo. This vehicle will drop you and your friends off on time at the concert location and get you home safely.

Business Travel: Having a professional and luxurious limo ride will not only create a good impression on your business partner, clients, and colleagues but also make you highly appreciated and highlighted amongst all. Having a limo service to pick up your business clients or partners from the airport and drop them off will definitely make a big statement for your reputation.

Special Night Celebration: Whenever you are planning for a special night out with your significant other than a luxurious limo service is better than other kinds of transportation. With Affari Transportation’s luxurious limo service, you can feel happier, excited, and even with the bigger space, more intimate with your partner.

In these above-mentioned points, we discussed the major events where you can plan for a limo ride. Apart from these, you can also hire this luxurious journey whenever and wherever you want. The main advantage of limo travel is to enjoy every single second in a luxurious way.

It’s that day of your year again! Your BIRTHDAY!!

No matter how old we are turning birthdays are always special, but when it is your 21st birthday, it becomes much more significant. After all, it’s a day for which you have been waiting for 21 years. It is the day of awesomeness! Isn’t that so?

If you are in search of some super fun birthday ideas for your coming 21st birthday, a party bus rental is a perfect pick! Here are some reasons which you can opt for a party bus:


If you are partying with more than 8 to 10 people, traveling together to another location becomes difficult – and for other friends who have reached this milestone before you, being stuck as a designated driver can take away some of the fun. Hiring a party bus is a convenient option to ensure everyone has a ride – and a safe one at that.


This may not be crossing your mind during your party planning, but with a party bus, you don’t have to worry about getting pulled over, getting lost, or arriving late! We’ll come to pick you up and drop you back to where you need to be at the end of the night (or tomorrow morning).


Stepping into a party bus is a lot like stepping into a dream world. Make your party THE party with lounge seats, LED lighting, TVs, and surround sound. You will be literally taking the party with you from stop to stop. Oh, and did we mention an area at the back where you can dance, there’s even a pole to help you get the moves down.

Fun Activities

Aside from enjoying all the amenities, your party bus won’t be just wonderingly aimlessly around town. We actually take you to places you want to go! Check out downtown, SoHo, Ybor, St. Pete, Clearwater, Riverwalk, or anywhere you desire. It’s your birthday, so party like you want to. And with an Affari party bus, the fun never stops just because you are changing venues.

Your wedding is the one special time of your life when you need everything is supposed to be perfect. For many, it is the most beautiful moment of their life, the one moment where everything is magical and beautiful. It is unthinkable that anything goes wrong on this day and for that, you need the best planning you can afford. This means from the decorations down to the transportation; everything needs to be perfect. If you are not planning to hire a car transport service, you could be making a fatal mistake during your wedding preparations.


It is your magical night. You won’t want guests to drive and ruin their careful makeup, hair, nails, or costly suit or dress while driving. Not to mention the concern for safety – an excited guest on the way to your wedding could end up more distracted on the roadway. For your magical wedding, the best thing to do is to provide everyone comfort in any way you can. Hiring a car service is the best way to do so.

Enjoy the Company

Hiring a car service means that some of your guests will likely be sharing a ride – this means more interaction and merry company! They can enjoy the ride and get to know each other more. This will make the night more memorable for the guests and you will get to spend quality time with your family.

Time Management

Your wedding starts at five but you’re nowhere to be seen because you are stuck in traffic. This is the worst thing that could happen on your happy day and to avoid this, you need to hire a car service. Your dedicated chauffeur will make sure you are on time for your magical moment.

Keep Guests From Getting Lost

Most of the time, people who come from out of town arrive late to the party, mostly because they are unfamiliar with the area. Hiring a car service for them is an excellent way to show how much you care for them and help them get around town – or at least from their hotel to the venue. Moreover, it will ensure all your family is present for your special moment.

Impressing Your In-Laws

Everyone wants to impress their in-laws and hiring a car service on your wedding day is definitely a good way to do this. Not only does it show consideration for their needs but driving around in a luxury vehicle will impress anyone!

For many people, having a perfect wedding is their dream, and even you can achieve it by following small tips like utilizing a car service company to manage your wedding transportation needs.

You may be familiar with movie scenes depicting the entry of some hot-shot celebrity or businessperson in a long, glistening limousine. In today’s world, nothing defines power, sophistication, and achievement as evidently as stepping out of a luxurious car.

The utility of luxury cars is not limited to millionaires and celebrities alone. Cars, especially of the latest and most comfortable variety, can be very advantageous for a business.

Firms hold many events throughout the year for business collaborations, image and team-building exercises, entertainment of prominent investors and of possible business partners, and other corporate events. These types of corporate events commonly require the transportation of people from airports to hotels, offices, and in-between venues.

However, there is no need for a business to have a fleet of its own. Specialized Luxury Car Services as found with Affari Transportation, cater to the transportation needs of individuals and businesses, executed in comfort and style.

Here are the ways in which we can help:

Save Business Time

Transporting people, especially eminent personalities, requires careful planning, preparation, and execution. Utilizing the services of a luxury car service provider can help relieve the stress of logistics and save precious time during business hours. A luxury car rental service ensures that the hired car reaches the airport, office, or venue to pick up and escort the concerned person(s) on time and in style.

Save Money

Not every business may be able to afford a fleet of its own. From acquisition and annual maintenance to storage, having a fleet of cars also requires a dedicated set of staff including drivers, cleaners, and fleet managers. The liabilities include purchasing finance, maintenance charges, storage expenses, and staff salaries. On the other hand, hiring a rental car from a traditional company can be more expensive when you want a quality vehicle—plus you’re stuck driving or paying an employee to play chauffeur. Utilizing Affari Transportation’s rental luxury car services can help a business save these expenses.

Image Building

Presentation is crucial in today’s world to determine a business’s image in the market. The personality and reputation of a business are defined majorly by its presentation, and the services utilized by a corporation are intrinsic to its appearance. With well-maintained cars to polite drivers and chauffeurs, a luxury car service can help a business impress its customers, investors, and partners.


A certified competitive luxury car service would ensure proper background checks of its drivers and certify that they are trained in the best driving techniques, medical first-aid, emergency situations, and etiquette. In fact, we have perfect driving records for all our drivers!

A business can, therefore, significantly expands its prospects and reputation by utilizing luxury car services, while saving on much-needed finance and time. Contact Affari Transportation to get your business equipped with the proper transportation for all its needs.

With all the excitement that comes with planning a wedding, one major thing that often gets unnoticed is the transportation of newly married couples. While planning to book a vehicle for wedding day may not be as desirable as cake tasting or wedding dress shopping it is a vital detail to get worked out in advance. Hiring a limo service, especially in advance can provide many benefits.

Create Luxurious Wedding Memories

A limousine journey will be one of the best luxurious and classy options to travel with your partner after your wedding. It will make your wedding day more special by giving you a moment alone with your new spouse and it’ll prevent you from getting lost and arguing about directions.


When you book your wedding limo in advance, you no longer need to concern yourself with how you plan to get to the venue, and how you’ll get to the hotel after the reception, especially if you and your new spouse were enjoying the open bar or even transportation to your honeymoon. Take care of the details now and you’ll be stress-free the day of!


You may not remember much from your economics class, but “supply and demand” may ring a bell at least. That’s when prices are affected by the popularity and availability of a service or product. Because of this, limo services can be quite costly during the wedding season since drivers and their vehicles are in hot demand. If you book limo service early, then you can likely save on your booking and provide more time to work out a payment.

Ensures Availability

As we mentioned above, the wedding season is prime time for limo companies. Booking in advance provides the most important detail of all – making sure the vehicle you want will be available when you will need it.

Contact Tampa Bay’s favorite limo service provider to help make your wedding day dreams come true.
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